Leasing Commercial Office Space When You First Start Your Business
Commercial office space is unnecessary when you first start out in computer consulting.  Unless you have a very compelling reason for renting commercial office space, save your money.  You’re much better plowing that money back into marketing and promotional expenses.

Even a tiny commercial office space is going to be $400 – $600 a month.  A low traffic retail store is even more; at least a $1000-$2000 per month. Rather than waste that money on commercial office space, invest it in marketing and business development.  You’re going to need to do these things whether you have commercial office space or not.  There is no reason to add to your overhead expenses.

When you start out, a home office is the best choice.  Until you bring on a lot of staff, it’s really not going to benefit you to have a commercial office space.  Most of the time you will be servicing clients at their office, going on sales calls, or attending networking events.

In computer consulting your clients will not be coming to you.  You go to them.  The time you spend in your own office is minimal.  The money you spend on your office space should be minimal as well.

You might think that you need commercial office space if you want to run seminars.  These are an excellent marketing tool but you can rent executive office space very reasonably. This type of commercial office space is rented on an as need basis by the hour or day.

The Bottom Line on Commercial Office Space

Commercial office space is expensive.  There is no reason to put yourself on the hook for $500 or $1,000 a month or more, every single month just to be able to do say you have an office.  The time you or your clients spend in your office does not warrant renting commercial office space.  Use your home office for as long as you can and rent out space by the hour or day as you need it.

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