Making Cold Calls Easy

Making cold calls easy. Anyone who has to cold call as part of their sales career knows how hard it can be. Many sales reps cringe as they dial a number and wait for the receptionist to answer:

“Who’s calling?”

“Will he know what this call is regarding?”

These and other questions create such call reluctance that it’s no wonder the programs that claim “Cold calling is dead!” are such big sellers.

Actually, if you’re in sales, you know that cold calling is NOT dead and you have to do it day in and day out to keep your pipeline full.

In addition, here are a few simple tips to help make cold calling easy for you:

Tip #1: Use a script in making cold calls. You absolutely must script out what you’re going to say and the questions you’re going to ask. Doing so will give you the confidence to overcome the gatekeeper’s interrogation and help you eliminate the um’s and uh’s that make you sound unprofessional.

Tip #2: Be prepared for the brush offs and blow offs you’re going to always get like: “Just email me something…” Instead of asking for their email address and ending the call, say:

“I’d be happy to. I’ve got several different things I can send to you, let me just ask you a couple of questions so I send you the right one. Now, how are you currently handling….”

Tip #3: Learn how to quickly engage the decision maker on your cold call by asking them a question as early as possible. Most sales reps start by delivering a much too long monologue on their product or service and this just turns off the prospect.

Tip #4: Change your attitude to begin expecting the no’s. Believe it or not, most sales people actually expect everyone to love what they’re selling. That’s not going to happen (as you’ve found out), so expect it! When someone tells you no, be prepared for it and end the call with the “Next In Line” script:

“No problem, but let me ask you: If you ever find the need to look for a different supplier in the future, could I be the first in line you reach out to?”

Then get their contact info and email them yours. This allows you to end each call with a success which makes it easier to keep calling…

Tip #5: Pick up the phone on your cold calls. Although this may sound obvious, the way to make cold calling easy is to stop putting it off. Instead, make it the first thing you do in the morning, and then stay on the phone until you hit your call numbers for the day. You’ll find that as you get into a rhythm, it gets easier and easier to make those calls.

If you’d like more detailed scripts and techniques on making cold calling easy, you will benefit from learning these “5 Secrets to Effective Cold Calling”:

  • How to avoid getting screened out by the gatekeeper
    A better opening that will set you apart and get your prospect to engage with you
    How to build rapport in 5 seconds
    How to overcome brush off objections
    How to qualify for timeline and interest
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