Public Relations for Small Businesses

Listed below is what we’ll talk about:


  • Taking advantage of Publications’ editorial calendars. Find opportunities where you can contribute to a topic
  • Contributed or “bylined” articles: start showcasing someone in your company-expertise, charisma, subject matter expert
  • Create case studies including customer success stories
  • Speaking Opportunities and seminars
  • Letters to the editor
  • Blogs and social media
  • Crisis planning
  • Event sponsorship/ volunteering



Learn about how to gain access to free press.  Public Relations activities are very important to your growth as a small business.  Learn the right way to approach reporters and about the steps required to get your story into consideration.  We will show you how to write a press release, how to find reporters that may be interested in your type of story and what kinds of stories may be used.

Bring your laptops.  We will give you a template and show you how to do the research, and methods for contacting reporter. Outcome: Press Release template, method for finding potential reporters that may be interested in your story and calendar for action in finding media opportunities. You will also receive media training to help you assist reporters by providing all the information needed to help write the story.

DATE: Nov. 1st. 9am-12

LOCATION: North Dallas Chamber of Commerce
REGISTER NOW: registration link

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