Recession Proof Your Business with Review of Costs and Productivity

What We Can Do For You


–Review Your Labor, Overtime, & Overhead

–Review Your Worker Productivity to                                        Maximize Your Investment in Labor Costs

–Review Your Credit and Collection Policies

–Review Your Inventory to Eliminate

Inventory That Is Not Producing a Profit

–Review Short and Long-Term Debt to Take

Advantage of Declining Interest Rates

–Compare Your Cost Structure with the Best

Managed Companies in Your Industry

–Review Your Cost Trends for the Past 4 Years

–Show You How to Aggressively Manage

Your Cash Flow During an Economic Slowdown

–Show You How You Can Take Control of Your

Costs to Lower Your Cost of Doing Business to

Survive a Recession

–Show You How You Can Increase Your

Employee Productivity When Revenues Decline

by Installing a “Productivity-Based Excess Profit

Incentive Plan” for Those Employees Who

Impact Your Bottom Line the Most


The Choice Is Yours:

Be Proactive Today or Reactive Tomorrow!

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