Sales Performance Protection From Inside Sales

Platinum reps (4 sales a week average for IPA 4 week period) are protected from Inside Sales for 10 business days while all other reps are protected for 3 business days. All Hybrid (self-generated) leads are protected for 30 days. In addition, the top ten cash collectors are protected for 90 days. Sales Performance Protection From Inside Sales!

The “Compliance Requirements” are as follows:

1) All Senior Area Managers are accountable for all the leads which are given to them by calling in each presentation from the client’s office to seek expert help from the Sales Senex to close the sale.

2) All Senior Area Managers are required to be in daily contact with their Senex and Zone Manager to close sales, provide feedback on leads, and resolve problems.

3) All Senior Area Managers must complete a Weekly Sales Activity Report to provide data to the Sales Senex, Zone, and other managers on both individual and departmental performance to identify problems and create opportunities for managers to resolve those problems.

4) On Monday morning of each week, each Senex and Zone who are paired to a region will go over the sales roster to determine who has complied with the above requirements.  Those reps who have failed to call in when in front of a client, failed to be in daily contact with their Senexes and Zones, and failed to provide feedback on all leads given to them by submitting a Weekly Sales Activity Report in a timely manner will be removed from protection from Inside Sales for one week.

Penalty for Non-Compliance – No Protection from Inside Sales

Best Close of Bill Kubecki Rep:  Business owners have an awesome responsibility.  They are expected to know everything about all aspects of business.  No one can.  Bill Gates doesn’t, Henry Ford didn’t, nor did Ray Kroc or Sam Walton.  Yet every business owner has the potential to become one of these successful owners.  Most of them had little or no formal education.  They did, however, have an open mind and were not afraid to ask for help and to admit they did not know everything.  Do you have an open mind?

Business Owner: Yes Rep:  Good.  How long have you been in business.

[Business owner answers]  Ok, if you could go back in time and start your business over, you’d do things differently, wouldn’t you?  Because you’ve learned some things the hard way, yes?  Many times as a business owner, you make decisions without having the necessary information in front of you, true?  And sometimes those decisions turned out to be wrong, yes?  And sometimes you’d find out a few years down the road.  You’d find a better option that existed years ago, but that you didn’t know about it at the time, correct?  And what would it have meant to have had the option a few years earlier?  Is this one even the best?  The point is, you may spend a very long time finding the BEST option, and because you are not an expert in every aspect of business, you may never What would it be worth for you to have the systems, procedures, methods and controls that the best managed, most successful, most profitable companies have right now?  If you had this now, would it be worth [fee quoted]? [If yes get to the phone.  If they say they are not sure, continue.]  A few minutes ago you admitted you have an open mind.  Would you be willing to let us show you these with absolutely no risk to you or your company and with no money up front? [Client can’t but say yes; get the client to the phone to schedule.]

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