Seize the Day!

How powerful when you decide to seize the opportunity and change things for the better—Is there anything more powerful?

How about you? Are you ready to seize your opportunity?

You have the chance to work with the Mastermind behind the success of Jim Rohn and so many others (including yours truly). Kyle also launched and all together created a 1 million plus list and over 300 products.

I know you are probably thinking, great Chris, but how does any of this pertain to me?

Well, let me ask:

Do you have a (or need to find your) Passion, Purpose or Mission?

Do you need help with Your Business, Profession or Career?

Plus would you like to have Direct Access to World-Class Marketing, Speaking and Business
Building Experts to Help You Grow:
• Your Marketing
• Your List Building
• Your Expert Brand, Coaching, Books & Products
• Your Productivity
• Your Mental Mindset
• Your INCOME!
Do you want to Belong to a Community that is Making a Difference in the Marketplace and in the Lives of Others?

If You answered YES to Any of these Questions, then the LESSONS FROM Network is for YOU!

Founded on the Principles and Philosophies of Jim Rohn (Kyle’s mentor and 18-year business partner), and Kyle Wilson’s Proven Marketing and Business Building Strategies.

The LESSONS FROM Network is designed to help YOU:
• Increase Your Income, Associations & Life
• Gain Access to the Wisdom of World-Class Experts
• More Effectively Communicate & Market to Your Customers & Clients
• Bring Your Passion & Purpose to the Marketplace
• Make a Difference in Others, Through Your Lesson or Message
Now it’s your turn to – Seize the Day! Seize Your Opportunity!

Go to Lessons From Network

Trust me, you don’t want to miss the chance to work with Kyle and the LESSONS FROM Network!

Chris Widener

P.S. – I believe so much in Kyle (he is the main reason for my success) and the Lessons From Network, that I’m a part of the Network. Learn more here!

Widener Group, Inc Po box 2411 Issaquah, Washington 98027 United States (425) 223-3959

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