Simple Steps for Starting Your Business

DREAM BIG! Do you dream about starting a business? You’re not alone – millions of Americans share that dream. And yet, not everyone has the courage to get started. But if you’re ready to branch out on your own, this workshop is for you. Simple Steps for Starting Your Business!

Action Points
1) Getting Started
2) Turning Your Ideas to a Business
3) Marketing Your Business
4) Financial Matters
5) Stepping Out and taking action

The online courses include:

Combined with SCORE mentoring, the Simple Steps for Starting Your Business resources will help you avoid costly mistakes and simplify the startup process.

In addition to the resources available here, you can also take the Simple Steps for Starting Your Business local workshop series on which the workbook and online modules are based. Attending the five-part, 3-hour workshops in your community, which include one-on-one mentoring with a SCORE expert, will provide you with a solid foundation for pursuing your business idea. It’s all about helping you live your dream.

Proper Planning Is Key. One myth is that the majority of small businesses fail. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, after two years in business, the majority of startups succeed; after five years, about half fail and half succeed. Proper planning and hard work is the only way to guard against failure. You are on the right track with Simple Steps for Starting Your Business.

The Core Business Show with Tim Jacquet is sponsored by Apple Capital Group and Apple Community Development Corporation.


To access the event go to ZOOM: 

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