Franchise Financing Program

As one of the fastest growing methods of business expansion in North America, business format and brand name franchising can help you grow your business. Franchising enables you to combine your proven concept and operating systems with the local market expertise and capital of your franchisee up to $1M per owner/operator for plans and working capital for franchise financing program.

Our franchise financing solutions are as unique as your business. We offer customized financing packages for all types of owner-operated business systems if you’re considering franchising as an alternative source of capital or as a means to lower your leverage.

Franchise Financing Apple Capital Group works with recognized franchisors to establish programs that are tailored to their franchise system. Typically, Apple Capital Group provides financing to the franchisee for a variety of purposes, including:

  • New franchise purchase
  • Franchise renovation
  • Franchise expansion
  • Vendor Pre-funding
  • Re-imaging, Remodeling and Acquisitions