SBA Loans

The Perfect Partner for Small Businesses

SBA LoansMany small business owners feel as though that, at least in the early days of their businesses, they are alone. The truth is actually very different; small businesses have a number of allies to help them as they attempt to get their operations off of the ground. Here are some information about our SBA Loans.

One such ally is the federal government, and we here at Apple Capital can help unlock the assistance that it’s ready to make available to your company.

The SBA Loan Programs

The SBA program was designed to help small business owners by offering them financial assistance through the form of a 7(a) or 504 loan. 7(a) loans are available for up to $5 million with 90 percent financing through 25-year terms for real estate transactions, 100 percent financing for 10-year terms for equipment purchases, and 100 percent financing through 7-year terms for working capital.

504 loans have similar loan terms to 7(a) products, with the distinction that they can be structured for as much as $12 million. Beyond initial mortgages available for select commercial properties, the 504 program also has an option for second mortgages.

The Apple Capital Advantage

We here at Apple Capital carry the distinction of being an SBA Preferred Financial Services Company. This enables us to help you get your federal small business loan much faster than other commercial finance firms. Here’s how:

  • You initiate the loan application process with the help of one of our commercial finance experts.
  • We submit your application exclusively to lenders who’ve been delegated the authority to approve federal loan applications.
  • We then arrange for the transfer of your funds immediately following your loan approval.

In today’s competitive business market, being able to get your loan turned around this quickly offers you a real advantage over your competitors.

When you have the help of our team here at Apple Capital, you’re never truly alone. We can help you to enjoy all of the financial benefits that an SBA loan can provide. Our financial experts have years of experience of helping small businesses such as yours get the start-up capital that they need to help support their early success. Let’s put that experience to work for you. Call today to get started on the application process.