Some Inspirational Thoughts For Your Weekend Learning

One of the great perks of my career is I get to meet and interview some really cool and awesome people.


Today, I wanted to share 3 of my favorite interviews as my gift to you.


Here is a brief overview of each and some of what you will learn:


Randy Gage – Randy is one of the hottest speakers and authors on the planet. He is an amazing thinker and a straight shooter who gets right to the point. I asked Randy to talk to leaders about why excellence is so important in become a great leader. Randy lives excellence in his own work and life and this audio is going to help you take your life to another level of excellence! Randy helps people get to what he calls “divine dissatisfaction” and break through their limiting beliefs on the road to excellence!


Colette Carlson – Colette is the founder of Speak Your Truth and hers was a really fascinating and VERY practical interview. Colette teaches us in this interview how to have “tough” conversations. What I loved so much about this interview was she gives EXACT language of what to say to the person so as to make the conversation work! If you have a hard time with tough conversations, you want to get this interview where she gives the four step process to talking with people!


David Morris – David is a personal friend and not a speaker per se, but he has written two books. David is the founder of DIllanos Coffee Roasters, which does business through 15,000 coffee houses in all fifty states and six countries. Dillanos was voted Coffee Roaster of the Year in 2011, even beating Starbucks! You may have even seen him featured on the CNBC documentary, “The Coffee Addiction.” The brilliance of David’s interview is that he may be the most creative business owner I’ve ever met. For example, David will tell you about how he uses a “Rolling Desk” and take his office into each of the 10 departments of his company and spends two weeks working out of each department. Lots of other creative little tidbits as well!


So, jump on over to the link below and download these short but powerful interviews – all for free.

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