Success with Social Marketing

Ray explains how to build a strong customer following using social media in this on-demand video. He also shares tips on cyber security, making your site mobile friendly, and turning customers into ambassadors for your business.

Ramon Ray is a small-business evangelist at Infusionsoft and technology evangelist at smallbiz technology. He is passionate about helping small businesses grow by educating them on current technology and marketing best practices. He is a best-selling author, writer, producer, speaker, and event host, with an expertise in technology, marketing, and sales. His third book is an best seller, “Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing.”

In our one-hour, on-demand video, Ray shares strategies and tips on how companies can grow their business. He discusses the importance of security and why small- to medium-sized businesses inadvertently leave themselves open to cyber attacks. Staff training, relying on your vendors, and common sense are vital in keeping your information safe from hackers.

He also encourages businesses to be mobile friendly by asking such questions as:

1. Does your website show well on a small screen?
2. Is it designed for today’s small attention spans?
3.  Will your business information register locally, when people search locally?

Ray explains how to build a strong customer following using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media. He describes how your blog can link to your email, social media and website. He shares how to use analytics and systems to measure the momentum of social efforts, as well as how to use video to build a following, how to embed testimonial tweets into your website, and more.

He stresses the importance of listening to your customers, so you can better respond to their needs. Ray gives tips on how to turn existing customers into ambassadors for your business. He also discusses the difference between marketing “goods” versus “services.” And he reminds us that it’s OK to talk about yourself when you’re showing value to potential customers. You’ll learn about “outbraining,” SEO, and more.

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