The Truth About Trayvon And Zimmerman on The Core Business Show with Tim Jacquet

Guest Opportunity: John M. Phillips, Nationally Known Attorney
We have been inundated with super sensationalized media coverage of the Trayvon tragedy, but few people understand the objective facts of the case. As a trial lawyer, John Phillips has studied 100s of news articles, police reports, eyewitness interviews, and has compiled a detailed historical account of both Zimmerman and Trayvon. In every case, civil or criminal, there are almost always two different sides of the story. This case is no different and the stories are vastly different.
Through his research, his conclusion may not necessarily line up with most news coverage.
John is eager to educate the public about the facts of this national news frenzy by answering the following questions:
• Is this tragedy truly just about race or isn’t here more to the story?
• Why has the mainstream media sensationalized this story and in most cases overlooked the truth about what happened?
• Who’s to blame in this situation and why?
• Given the history of both Trayvon and Zimmerman, how will this affect the case if this were to go to trial?
• In your opinion, could the shooting have been prevented?
Attorney Phillip’s in-depth analysis of the Trayvon Tragedy can be found through the following link:
Meet John Phillips
• Licensed to practice in three states in many Courts
• Has appeared on The Today Show and many other media outlets
• AV-Preeminent Rated Attorney by Martindale, the leading lawyer rating service since the 1800’s
• Two-time Florida Super Lawyer and Rated 10/10
• Selected as one of the top 100 Lawyers in Florida by the National Trial Lawyers Association and as the Best Lawyer in his town by the readers of its most circulated weekly newspaper
• Hosts his own legal / sports radio show, Courts& Sports
• Legal Historian

Here is an interview about this topic with John Phillips on the Core Business Show.

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