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By: Thomas R. Reich PhD

Top 10 Content Marketing Campaign. A good content marketing campaign is important to the popularity and the very effectiveness of your website. In order to attract the right kind of visitors, the targeted visitors that are interested in what you are representing, you must first establish a content marketing campaign.  You must have one clear vision as to what the website is represents.  A website design must include  a clear relatively narrow topic that represents the product or service you are offering. A successful content marketing campaign must cover every aspect of that topic not only in articles and blogs, but in pictures, video, white papers and all parts of your social media and social sharing network must expand on this one central topic.

To this end, let’s look at the 10 most important actions you can do to keep your Content Marketing Campaign on track for success:


Content Marketing Campaign by YourPMA

  • The #1 priority of any good content marketing campaign is to impact the target audience you have chosen to cater to, with timely topics that stay on track of your message. Also to make sure that this information is continuous and consistent. It is important to watch national and international events and if possible, report on timely topics as they are unfolding. This encourages new visitors who will discover your information packed website site on a topic of interest to them, and thereby grow your returning visitor audience! This is the beginning of a great Content Marketing Campaign.


  • Content Marketing Campaign by YourPMAYou may find that the most qualified business leaders in your company to talk about your content marketing campaign are not bloggers. It is also possible that even if they do write, it is dry and uninspiring. In order for there to be a great content marketing campaign, you must work hand and hand with these knowledge holders, interview them, ask for topic ideas and involve them in the process. Continuous contact and discussion with knowledge holders outside the content marketing campaign team is essential to keep the material fresh and timely.


  • Change your content marketing campaign as the market trends change, become the leader, don’t just follow the leader. If a change or controversy comes up in your vertical topic, don’t wait for other sites to break the news, try to break it first. Are you starting to see a pattern here?

Content Marketing Campaign by YourPMA

  • Your content marketing campaign must take on the feel of running a small industry newspaper. You are reporting on a narrow vertical market and you hope to be an industry leader in conveying information on your chosen topic. To do this you must be topical, fresh, original and timely. As your popularity grows you begin to feel the power of the press in your hands; that is a true Content Marketing Campaign!


  • Content Marketing Campaign by YourPMABe consistent in the delivery of your content, some methods like Twitter and FaceBook should be active several times a week or more serving the function of promoting the home website and the blogs. Blogs must be delivered consistently; as they take on a life of their own, and will continue to be read weeks months and sometimes years into the future. A popular blog site does not give you the option to simply stop writing new blogs until its popularity goes down. To have a successful content marketing campaign you must deliver new, topical and timely information frequently.


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