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  • Job Boards

    Post Once. Distribute Everywhere.

    Post your job to 50+ job boards with one click. Save time by managing your jobs and candidates in one place. New job boards are always being added.

  • Paid Boards

    Post to Paid Job Boards in Seconds

    Post your jobs directly to leading paid job boards like right from your ZipRecuiter account.

  • Social recruiting

    Enjoy Built-in Social Recruiting

    Take advantage of integrated social network posting to reach job seekers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

  • Resume Database

    Discover Candidates in the Resume Database

    Search 3,573,267 resumes with thousands of new ones added daily. It’s FREE to search and plans include full contact information for 50 to 1,000 resumes per month depending on plan type.

  • Mobile Optimized

    Embrace the Mobile Job Seeker

    Start with mobile optimized pages that look great on any screen. Add our unique mobile apply process. The result is more visitors to your job and more applicants.

  • Resume Viewer

    View and Share Formatted Resumes

    View beautifully formatted resumes. Download, print and share with colleagues. Quickly sort through candidates to identify the superstars.

  • Interview

    Screen Candidates The Easy Way

    Ask real-world questions to quickly identify qualified candidates. Use free-form, multiple choice or yes/no formats and view their responses in conjunction with their resume.

  • Custom Branding

    Customize Your Branding

    Add your company logo and colors to make your job pages an extension of your business.

  • Custom Branding

    Add Unlimited Users to Your Account

    Collaborate with anyone in your organization to find the best candidates. It’s the same price whether you have 1 or 100 users.

  • Embeddable job widget

    Create an Instant Job Page on Your Site

    Add your list of your job openings to your own company website in seconds. Just cut and paste the widget – no coding required.

  • Careers page

    Include a Company Careers Page

    Using your custom company branding, we provide you with a hosted company job page to use as the Careers link on your website.

  • Team collaboration

    Track and Rate Applicants from Visit to Hire

    Collaborate with team members to rate, organize, filter, share notes and add labels. We give you all the essential applicant tracking tools you need to make great hiring decisions.

  • Candidate export

    Export Candidates

    Keep your current workflow. Export your candidates to Excel so you can manage all of your data offline, anytime.

  • Custom emails

    Create Custom Email Responses

    Create personalized responses when candidates apply. We’ve done the hard part to make you look good and save you time.

  • Customer service

    Premium Support from Real People

    No endless phone trees and recordings. Call us, email, or chat live with a real person who’s happy to help you.

  • 100% guarantee

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    We think you will be delighted when you try ZipRecruiter, but if you’re not happy, we proudly offer a money back guarantee. Learn more.

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