Unleashed The Entrepreneur in You – Make Your Blueprint

1.  Understand Your Core Values So That You Understand Your Brand
a. Focus on the strengths that you offer in your marketing
b. Know exactly what you are best at BEFORE you start selling

2. Use Your Life Experience For Leverage
a. Your greatest strengths are natural to you. They feel easy.
b. They are what you must charge the most for.
c. Use The Experience Map To Identify Your Gifts

3. Use Patti’s Training to Identify Your Top 5
a. What brings you the most joy?
b. What frustrates you?
c. When I have (______) I feel peace and harmony with myself, and the world around me.
d. Without (______) I would be totally miserable.

4. Craft Your Signature System Based On Your Greatest Strengths
a. What is the first step you take people through?
b. What benefit does this create for them?
c. What are the next’s steps you take people through
d. Assign a TANGIBLE benefit to each step

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