US Government Starter Kit for
Texas Small Business 

Houston, TX… July 14, 2014 – THE US Government is seeking qualified SMALL BUSINESS sources. The federal budget is in the Trillions and twenty-three (23%) percent is set aside for small business, that amounts to literally billions of dollars in contracts set aside exclusively for you!

The US Army Facilities and Naval and Air Force facilities, the Coast guard the courts, prisons and the VA all have work for small business. All federal agencies set aside millions for small business contracts. These contracts are available only to those that know how to get them. Small business hold the key and its not difficult, but unfortunately, most business don’t know how to jump through the hoops to get the prize. Fiscal year end is coming. Contracts are going out. Don’t be left behind.  Click here. 
New Paradigm is proud to announce that it is now offering a Federal Contracting Starter Kit for Texas Small Business. We will help you get registered properly and started on your way as a prime or a sub. $87.4 Billion has already been spent in Texas this year alone. Learn to find opportunities and build relationships. Get a list of buyers for the services and products that you sell. For details on this special offer go to:

Check out our daily list of currently open Small Business Set-Aside Contracts.   Click here.

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